Navigating Marital Separation Ottawa

Navigating Marital Separation Ottawa

Trying to determine whether or not you should leave your marriage is difficult, and it usually includes a lot of thought, work, and communication. If you are hoping to learn about navigating marital separation in Ottawa, there are some helpful tips that you must know. 

The Separation Process 

There may come a time when a couple reaches a point when a break, or even permanent separation, seems to be the smartest path for their relationship. This does not mean one party or the other has given up or fallen out of love. Sometimes, couples understand it is time to separate. Other times, you will be faced with uncertain feelings. If either party is not sure how to move forward, it is usually recommended to work with someone that will help them go over navigating marital separation in Ottawa and what it might mean.

No matter the outcome or marital status once the separation is over, it is sometimes healthy to step back and take time before making a final decision—some people like the term ‘structured separation’ when formulating a break. This is the optimum time for many couples to enter into couples therapy to work through tough conversations. 

These are some expert tips that may come in handy: 

  1. Discuss contact times. Each couple approaches separation differently. It is important to set up boundaries and expectations when it comes to contact and communication so that you can avoid further conflict. This includes living arrangements.
  2. Agree on the way to put the separation out there. It is always smart to be on the same page about how you will share your separation with other people. You may have children, friends, and family members that know something is going on. However, you will want to form a united front on what is happening so that the messaging is just right.
  3. Discuss dating or exclusivity. The last thing you want is further hurt or turmoil during your separation. It is best to discuss whether or not your relationship will be exclusive or if dating or sexual contact with others will be permitted. Making sure that this gets discussed beforehand is imperative when wanting to avoid hurt feelings and distrust.
  4. Go over financial arrangements. Arguments about finances while navigating marital separation in Ottawa adds a great deal of stress. It would help if you worked together as a couple before the break to have a clear picture of who will be paying what expenses. Always write down the plan so that each party is accountable and has a strategy for paying emergencies, expected costs, and any unplanned or non-essential expenses.

Here at Positive Solutions Divorce Services, we understand that you may feel overwhelmed. We want you to have the support you need as you are navigating marital separation in Ottawa. Visit us online and book your free 30-minute meeting and gather information on how you can work through this trying time in your life. We have the resources and support that you need to keep a clear mind even while you are facing bumps in the road during your separation. Call us toll-free at (888) 779-8777 to learn more!

Navigating Marital Separation Ottawa

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Navigating Marital Separation Ottawa

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